Kevin Crosbie: Curriculum Vitae


Name: Kevin Patrick Crosbie  
Location: Marbella, Spain
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland

Abilities: Accomplished software developer. Strong, outgoing and respected leader with proven ability developing products, engaging clients, identifying opportunities. Keenly interested in business strategy.


December 2003 to Present:

Ravenpack International, Marbella, Spain

Play a critical part in defining the niche market of real-time News Analytics and its application in systematic trading and investment, risk management and market surveillance. Diverse roles include:

February 2003 to December 2003:

Property Solutions, Marbella, Spain

Lead Developer/Architect. Designed and built web applications for the Property Management industry which enabled clients to manage, track, visit and rent out their property whilst living abroad. Applications were written in ASP on SQL Server and included:

Secondary tasks were to coordinate search engine rankings and Internet marketing strategies, interact with clients and provide support for all technical queries.

August 2001 to January 2003:

Quest Computing, Dublin, Ireland

Web application developer/designer. The company provides Oracle database backed applications for use in Intranets or across the Internet using OpenACS. My job entailed:

June 2000 to March 2001:

TradePayment, San Francisco, California

Security Consultant, designed and implemented a system for non-repudiation of payments and general security. The company’s goal was to develop a Web-Based J2EE application for managing and negotiating contracts and payments for major companies. Work detailed:

June 1999 to September 1999:

GAP Clothing, San Francisco, California

Position in the Information Technology Dept. on the Y2K transition project. Duties included:

June 1998 to February 1999:

DellPLUS (Dell Computers), Limerick, Ireland

Co-operative experience as a Corporate Setup Engineer. Duties were:

May 1997 to May 1998:

Entech Engineering, Limerick, Ireland

Part-time drafting AutoCAD schemas and in-house technical support.


Third Level Education Sept 1996 - May 2000, First-Class Honours Degree
  University Of Limerick, Ireland. - B. Eng. in Computer Engineering
Specialized in Cryptography and Software Design/Engineering.
Computer Skills  
Languages: Common Lisp, JAVA, C, C++, Pascal, Visual Basic, x86 Assembler, TCL/ADP, VHDL, HTML, SQL.
Technologies: J2EE, Java Servlets, RMI, Java Applets, Java Security Packages, ASP, ActiveX Controls, OpenACS, Trading APIs, AOLServer, Oracle Text, Foreign Function Interfaces, Emacs, XMPP/ejabber.
Scripting: JavaScript/Jscript/VBScript, UNIX scripts, PL/SQL.
Database: Oracle, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Server, MS Access.
Operating Systems: Windows 2000/NT/9x, Linux and other UNIX platforms.



Music, reading, yoga, taekwondo, running, rock climbing, surfing, tennis, padel, soccer, golf, photography.

References available on request